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A felony is a crime for which a convicted person can be sentenced to one or more years in a state or federal prison. A misdemeanor is any crime that is not a felony. The key word there is "crime" because not all offenses are a crime. A crime is any act that is proscribed by law, that is, written law either makes some act illegal or makes a failure to do some act illegal.

A disorderly conduct charge is a misdemeanor crime. Disorderly conduct charges can include probation, jail, fines, or an infraction. A lesser charge is an ordinance violation.

Misdemeanor Definition: Class B Misdemeanor

Misdemeanors are classified; each class of a misdemeanor offense provides for more serious or lesser penalties. A Class B Misdemeanor is punishable by jail time, fines or both. If convicted of a class B misdemeanor crime, a person can be sentenced to jail for up to 90 days, fined up to $1,000.00, or both; additional penalties also exist.

misdemeanor class b repeat offenders

Any person is twice or more convicted of the same offense is subject to a repeat offender penalty enhancer. A repeat offender of a Class B Misdemeanor can be sentenced to two additional years of imprisonment.

Misdemeanor Disorder Conduct Penalties

In addition to possible jail time of up to 90 days and a fine of up to $1,000.00, during sentencing after a conviction, the Court can impose additional penalties such as probation. If the disorderly conduct act is deemed a violent act, such as for domestic abuse or domestic violence, the Court may restrict or even bar your right to bear arms (firearms, handguns, rifles, shotguns) and hunt.

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